GDS black-box cells validation


On this page you can validate black-box cells from a GDS file against building blocks defined in a uPDK file.

The uPDK file format description can be found on the openEPDA website. You can check the uPDK file on the uPDK validation page.

The GDS file may contain cells corresponding to the building blocks defined in the uPDK (black-box cells). Each cell which is to be validated must contain:

  • cell bounding box: a box or a rectangle in layer bbox;
  • cell outline: a polygon in layer bb_outline;
  • cell info: single text block (YAML format) in layer bb_info;
  • pin specs: text blocks with pin info at the pin locations in layer pin_info;
  • parameter values (for p-cells only): single text block (YAML format) in layer bb_parameters.

How to use

Upload your GDS and uPDK files using the corresponding fields below. If needed, modify the GDS layer mapping. Press Validate GDS file button. Your files will be uploaded to the server, and you will be redirected to the validation report page.

Validation form


  • The files are validated using the most recent released version of the openepda python package .
  • The files are validated against the latest version of the uPDK Specification .
  • The current service is in an experimental phase. That means that the file which passes the validation may still have incorrect format ("false positives").
  • Files that you submit may be used for debugging by openEPDA authors. If you cannot allow this, you should not use the service at this moment. This might change in the near future.
  • The files you submit, or the fact that you use this service, will never be shared with third parties.